Building A Family Empire
A Visionary Developer and Asset Manager of Social Impact Real Estate Assets

B.A.F.E Group, LLC is a vertically integrated real estate investment, management and Eco-Friendly developer of Affordable Shipping Container Homes and Traditional Construction Homes.  Our projects range from small-scale residential development projects to large-scale, institutional-quality development projects that may qualify for Golden Visa Programs, while owning and managing a portfolio of existing/planned operating real estate assets.  We are one of the only developers of affordable residential Opportunity Zone projects and intently focused on the Economic Growth, Economic Empowerment and Generational Wealth created in the communities our projects serve.  

Please visit and utilize the services below to support the movement  as we  build affordable homes, create job opportunities and impact the lives of our fellow Americans.   Through our Eco-friendly process,  you now  increase substantial  savings for healthcare and  investments opportunities.   All of this can be made possible - with an affordable Shipping Container Home. 

B.A.F.E Group, LLC

Affordable modular homes and modular commercial spaces made from repurposed shipping containers. Click to visit site


Become a fractional owner of residential / commercial real estate projects. Click to visit site

What is the Metaverse?

 A fully engaging immersive environment and the future of digital experiences,.  Remember when the internet was coming? If we only knew the impact it would have...


  • Visit our virtual headquarters from the comfort of your home
  • Talk to our team in a virtual unreal engine environment
  • Virtual tours of our Models
  • NFT's of virtual in game Shipping Container Homes
  • NFT's of physical real world Shipping Container Homes
  • View our MetaVoxelMansions NFT on

Rail Freight Hub in College Park, GA 

Coming in 2023 Located just minutes from Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, The BAFEYARD Hub offers...

  • 20,000 sq ft Logistics Hub with Rail Access
  • 20,000 sq ft B.A.F.E Group, LLC Modular Home Production Facility
  • 2,800 sq ft Logistics Headquarters
  • 28,000 sq ft Commercial lease Space
  • 35 - 50 Full and Part Time Jobs
  • Additional details and web page coming soon...

White Rose Cruises London, UK

Coming in 2022-2023 Based in London, UK The White Rose Cruise Line offers, small businesses and entrepreneurs in India, China, Dubai, USA and other countries the opportunity for global expansion...

  • Office space made from shipping containers on a cruise ship
  • Proposed Ports in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Antigua, and other international locations
  • Residential/Commercial Shipping Container spaces at each port to expand your business
  • Global opportunity to bring your product to the masses


Our Veterans Are Loved compassion program.  Help us remove "Homeless Veteran" from the American lexicon.  It's a broken promise that we the American People have to make a reality.  Just one cup of coffee can change the life of a Veteran and their family. Click to visit the site


Show Your support for "Our Veterans Are Loved" 100% of profits will be donated to the #OVAL Program Click to visit store

Our Partners

Without the technology and stability of our partners, our mission would be impossible. Let's Thank then for all they do.






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